182 Clementson Drive, Rossmore New South Wales 2557, Australia

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Our Services

0 - 3 YEAR OLD ROOM Discoverers and Explorers


We have an allocated room for children under the age of 3 called discoverers and explorers.

Our discoverers and explorers room has natural colour and isn't overwhelmed by lots of colour, we believe in a natural environment. Our educators provide activities and experiences are set up in accordance with each child's interest, knowledge and development.

We understand having a young child in childcare can be daunting, but you can be rest assured that our educators will comfort, reassure, cuddle and provide genuine care for each and every child. 

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3 - 5 year old room LITTLE INVENTORS


We have a room allocated for our children between the age of 3 years to 5 years, this is called Little Inventors.

Our little inventors room has been created with the children, keeping in mind that this is the age where we begin to strengthen their self-help skills and start the early preparation to get them ready for primary school.

Our educators encourage the children through loose parts play to discover, experiment, create and invent their own play experiences. 

Our child care centre is located in the heart of Rossmore right next to Leppington and Kemps Creek and offers a strong Preschool program with the benefits of childcare hours (7am to 6pm)

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Preschool Program (school readiness)


We have a strong school readiness (preschool) program for our children. 

Our preschool program is developed and created in consultation with kindergarten teachers on what we as a preschool can do to ensure the transition to primary school is as smooth as possible and gives each child the best possible start.

Our preschool program is completed during the day, we do not have set 'preschool hours' however we provide you with the benefit of a strong preschool program with the convenience of long day care hours, where we do not close over school holidays.

We are located in the heart of Rossmore which is next to Leppington and Kemps Creek we are a child care centre with a specific preschool program that runs amongst our childcare program which gets each child ready for school.

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