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Clementson Drive Early Educational Centre

Excellence in quality child care and preschool in our local community.

Childcare Information for our Families

Department of Education


All approved Childcare and preschools follow the Regulatory authorities administer the National Quality Framework (NQF) in each state and territory, usually as part of that state or territory’s education department or agency.

In most cases the regulatory authority is the first point of contact for providers. They are responsible for:

  • granting approvals, including provider approval and service approvals
  • assessing and rating services against the National Quality Standard
  • working with ACECQA to promote continuous quality improvement and educating the sector and community about the NQF.

Regulatory authorities also have a range of powers and tools to facilitate continuous improvement and ensure compliance with the NQF, including the ability to issue compliance notices.

Contact your regulatory authority for enquiries about:

  • submitting application and notification forms
  • provider and service applications and approvals
  • supervisor certificates (in WA only)
  • temporary and service waivers
  • assessment and rating
  • compliance
  • state or territory specific transition and savings provisions

Australian Childrens Education & Care Quality Authority


Our Child care and preschool that is located in Rossmore (Kemps Creek) follow the National Law and National Regulations which outline the legal obligations of approved providers, nominated supervisors, and educators and explain the powers and functions of the state and territory regulatory authorities and ACECQA.


The National law sets a national standard for children’s education and care across Australia.

The National Regulations support the National Law by providing detail on a range of operational requirements for an education and care service.

Starting Blocks


Starting Blocks is brought to you by the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA). ACECQA is the national body, overseeing the implementation of the National Quality Framework (NQF), which has been developed to improve the standard of education and care. 

Their aim is to provide you and your family with trusted information, all in one place – click the below link to view their website. 

Starting Blocks is a starting point to: