182 Clementson Drive, Rossmore New South Wales 2557, Australia

02 9606 9241

Clementson Drive Early Educational Centre

Excellence in quality child care and preschool in our local community.

Discoverers and Explorers (0-3 year old Room)

Discoverers and Explorers

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Our discoverers and explorers room has ducted air conditioning for temperature control, cot room with baby monitor and window where educators physically check each sleeping baby every 5-10 minutes, nappy change facility, toilets and sinks at the children's height, large natural outdoor area and covered verandah for exploration. 

We care


We understand the first time selecting a childcare centre or even leaving your little one with a new person can be scary and daunting for both you and your child.

We want to make this is easy as possible for you both, so we want you to know that you are welcomed here, your more then welcome to stop by, have a seat, call us as much as you would like to.  If your child is upset be rest assured that our trained and qualified educators will be giving your child a hug, reassuring them, and providing them with tissues, and do you know what is best, they will even keep comforting your child until they are ready to go off and explore!

We believe in partnerships

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We also provide real time updates on your child and their day, this way you can get regular updates on what your child is doing, who they are playing with, what and how much they ate for lunch, you can even communicate with educators. 

We would love for you and your family to stop by and have a look at our service, we understand that every child and family is different and not every service is right for your family, so stop by for a tour of our centre to see if we are the right fit for your family.